Smart Urban Lighting System


PULS is a complete urban lighting solution with a new generation user experience. We developed the product in cooperation with Garex d.o.o. and Geoenergetika d.o.o.

PULS is a combination of two areas dedicated to the needs of the communities tomorrow. It unites a smart lighting system that interacts with the surroundings, and a smart city management platform through a system application. On the one hand, the smart light system takes care of energy consumption, monitors the air quality in the surroundings and adapts to the needs of traffic. On the other hand, the platform takes care of the systematic management and distribution of informations

In addition to all the functions performed by the smart lamp, our partners will be able to take a step ahead of the competition with a complete solution of the PULS system, as our system offers an advantage over other competitive products in terms of solutions in EU markets. After analyzing the markets within the EU, due to the specifics of the market, the orientation towards green solutions, the vision of the market and the development potential, we decided to put prioritised focus on the Irish market.


The e-SMS smart light system was developed as part of a development tender in partnership with the company Geoenergetika d.o.o. The development was financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Regional Development Fund (ESRR). The system as a whole represents a novelty to the market, as it has been the practice so far that manufacturers offer modular solutions, which in turn result in higher costs and additional work for the customer. The system already has an integrated data capture analysis and distribution of this data from the microlocation, via a communication module. The design and mechanical design of the lamp enables easy installation on the existing infrastructure. The lamp thus combines three important advantages - aesthetic perfection, energy efficiency and analysis of the surrounding microlocation with alarm and notification.

We have upgraded and expanded our already advanced system. The partner consortium was joined by Garex d.o.o., one of the leading experts in the field of communications and applications. The e-SMS system has been upgraded with an open smart city management platform. The application solution is perfectly compatible with smart city systems, and additionally enables intelligent regulation and advanced analytics. Additionally, the system has been upgraded to provide a user-friendly experience that offers active insight into the dynamics of the urban environment where the e-SMS system will operate.


PULS is an active project that enables continuous and unlimited upgrades to a custom system. Follow our page or visit the LinkedIn project profile .


Idea for this innovative product was born in the heart of Europe in Slovenia, one of the world’s most sustainable countries. And now it’s ready to be implemented worldwide, starting from Ireland. Feel free to contact us on info@impedanca.si

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The operation is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European union under European Regional Development Fund.

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